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#BlythecoLove – Zip-Pak

#BlythecoLove – Zip-Pak

We’ve got the love thing in the bag! While most people celebrate only one type of love on one particular day, we’re showing a different kind of love all month long! Here at Blytheco, we love all our clients. But some of them just stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of who they are as a corporation, what they do as a team and how they allow us to partner with them as a business advisor. Great people always makes working together a pleasure and our featured company has that quality zipped up!

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Zip-Pak. Learn more about them at http://zippak.com


Do you love that your favorite food or snack comes in a super easy to lose resalable pouch? You can thank Zip-Pak for that! Zip-Pak is the leading provider of resealable packaging solutions. They also provide specialized industrial equipment, consumables and related service businesses.


One of the things that makes Zip-Pak so easy to work with is their self-sufficiency. While we’re here for any of our client’s questions, big or small, it’s always great to work with people who spend time to do their homework and who don’t mind getting down in the trenches with us to help work through challenges. We wind up serving as their trusted advisor. And when they call, it’s usually a significant question or issue we can really sink our teeth into.


Billy Balser, their Sage 100 consultant.


In the last 12 months, we’ve assisted them with moving from an extremely old, unsupported version of Sage 100 to the most recent version. We also assist with a customize reporting on a regular basis.


Here’s what Manager Maria Alexander has to say about working with us:

“Working with Blytheco has allowed us to perform more detailed analysis on our sales and profitability. They were able to help us smoothly upgrade from a much older version of MAS 90. What I love about

working with Billy Balser in particular as our main Sage 100 Consultant is he is extremely knowledgeable and intuitive. He quickly grasps onto projects and any special tasks or reporting needs we have. He’s also a great educator. He makes the time to teach me about how individual modules apply across many job functions throughout the company.”

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