The Cloud vs. On-Site Deployment – Implications for CRM


Everyone’s talking about the Cloud. While the reality is most businesses are still using systems that are installed on-site, the cloud becomes a more viable solution given economic constraints and technology improvements.

CRM has led the way to the cloud – is a household name. Why? The collaborative nature of CRM makes it a natural for a hosted environment.

Why choose the cloud for your CRM system?

  • Scalability is often easier and cheaper in the Cloud. Adding a new user can be as simple as opening a web browser. When it’s critical to get new salespeople up and running quickly, the cloud wins.
  • Of course, cloud systems are lower-maintenance. Updates are handled by the provider and pushed downstream automatically.
  • The cloud is cheaper in the short-term. No upfront software costs, minimal staff are needed to run it, and no hardware is needed.
  • The Cloud implies risk. Security risk – all that important company data out there in the ether makes some folks nervous. And productivity risk – we’ve seen the implications of unforeseen system downtime. Not pretty.
  • The Cloud offers less control. Want a new report or a customization? The Cloud is not as flexible and personalized as your own in-house system.

Why think twice about the cloud?

What works for you? Only you can know what best fits your company. But do yourself a favor and carefully consider both options. And isn’t it nice to have a choice?

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One Response to The Cloud vs. On-Site Deployment – Implications for CRM

  1. Mike Jalonen says:

    In regards to security, many times the software publisher and/or hosting company has far advanced security than the individual organization who owns the data. I could argue data is protected and SAFER in the cloud. The client should research and weigh this carefully before ruling a security concern :)

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