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15 Things to Do to Position Your Business for Success in 2017, Part II

15 Things to Do to Position Your Business for Success in 2017, Part II

As we mentioned last week in Part I of this blog post, this is the perfect time to prepare for 2017. We’ve gathered our favorite tips from a variety of blogs, and we’re going to share the second half of the list with you now.
For some HR tips, we looked to a blog on bizjournals.com; in an article entitled “Preparing for 2017: Key HR Action Items for Employers”, author Jay Starkman recommends business owners be aware of and ready for these key HR trends:

  1. Ensure compliance with federal overtime pay rules; make sure employees are properly classified. Although a federal court recently ruled to temporarily halt the new overtime pay rules scheduled to take effect on Dec. 1, companies should still have a plan to move forward on similar changes in the future.
  2. Check and re-check state and local minimum wage laws. Congress has not adjusted the federal minimum wage for quite some time. As a result, states and municipalities are filling the void. In November, voters in Washington, Arizona, Colorado, and Maine all approved measures to raise their state’s minimum wage. Be sure to check the jurisdictions in which your company operates to determine if you must pay a higher minimum wage in 2017.
  3. Review insurance coverage and limits. Insurance experts say that you should review your personal auto and homeowner’s insurance policies once a year to check if the insurance product and coverage levels are still appropriate. Insurance coverage for a business is no different, especially as it relates to the risk of employment claims. At year-end, employers should ask questions such as: Has the company grown significantly in the last year? Should the company keep the same coverage levels or adjust them? Does the company have Employer Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

You can read Jay Starkman’s full article at Preparing for 2017: Key HR Action Items for Employers.
In an article entitled “6 Tips to Prepare your Business for 2017”, author AlCyone Gunn gives two good tips for insuring your business is ready for a successful year:

  1. Review your website. Does it need updating? Does anything look dated or need renewing? Are all of your links up to date? Click on all of your links and sequences to ensure they are working properly from beginning to end. There’s nothing worse than losing sales due to small tech issues.
  2. Perhaps the most important tip, talk to your audience! Ask what you can do for them or what they would like to see from your business. Ask often and across all platforms where you are active.

In addition to these more strategic steps you can take to prepare, there are also some tactical things you should take care of to insure your software systems are ready for the new year. Our partners at Sage recommend these steps, but they apply to any systems you have in place:

  1. Back up your Sage software. Having a recent backup is important for many reasons—theft, natural disasters, and hard drive failures, to name a few. Like changing smoke detector batteries when the clocks change, it’s best to add backing up your Sage software to your year-end prep checklist.
  2. Check out videos on the Sage Year-end Center.Many Sage solutions have on-demand videos to guide you through your year-end tasks, and you can also find many useful training videos in the Blytheco Resource and Discovery Center.
  3. Visit the Year-end Center for updates. Keep up with the latest year-end and Sage software information—including useful resources on ACA compliance–by visiting the Year-end Center.

If you’d like to discuss any of your software needs for the New Year, we’re always happy to help– whether it’s a technical question or you’re considering an upgrade. Just contact us at solutions@Blytheco.com or (949) 583-9500.

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