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Three HR Trends to Watch in 2017

Three HR Trends to Watch in 2017

At the end of every year, businesses in every industry are constantly trying to forecast trends that will be big in the next 12 months.  HR is no exception.  A quick Google search will yield a wide variety of “Top HR Trends to Watch in 2017” articles.

So we thought we’d throw our hat into the ring too!

More accurately, we scanned some of the most popular articles and noticed a common theme. Regardless of what angle they discussed it from, employees and their happiness is on everyone’s mind.  Here are the three employee related trends that everyone is talking (and doing something) about.


Employee EngagementEmployee engagement has long since moved beyond being another buzz word.  According to Business2Community, it’s not just about gimmicky Foosball table and nap rooms (though they are nice perks).  Today’s employee engagement dialog centers on team members being a good fit and contributor to the company culture. Company leadership is actually concerned that their employees actually like their work and feel as though they are a part of part of the process.

If your leadership team is having a tough time getting an accurate read on your environment, we at Blytheco use and highly recommend a cloud-based surveying tool from Custom Insights.  It is a scientifically based employee engagement survey which offers insight into the data that gets generated, plus actionable tools to help you fix problem areas in your company.


Annual Review Re-ImaginedCompanies have known for a long time that the top-down annual review has been a broken system at best.  Human Resources Today notes that in 2017, more and more companies are re-imagining the process as some form of peer review or peer feedback.  Other companies are taking it further and making it a more frequent occurrence than just once a year.

Peer reviews pave the way for employees to receive more holistic feedback about how their contributions are affecting the company. How this gets executed may take a variety of forms. For instance, at Blytheco, we have a structured, anonymous 360-degree Review process where everyone gets to hear from a cross-section of their peers on their contribution to the organization.  Trends tend to emerge across the different contributors. It then allows for more accurate career development planning and the manager can serve as a coach in the process.


Flexible WorkforceModern companies are looking more and more like blended families than their traditional counterparts of 20+ years ago.  Sure, everyone is used to a blend of part-time and full-time workers but there’s more to add to the mix.  Companies are hiring more freelancers and contractors to work alongside their salaried team members.  Today, the best talent for the position might not reside within 20 miles of the office… or even 200 miles.  Remote team members are just a video conference call away.

Companies are able to be more flexible because of their technology infrastructure in place (including an increased usage of cloud-based software applications).  According to CareerBuilder, companies that are flexible tend to attract a better pool of applicants because it shows they are concerned for the whole human and work-life balance.


Whether your company is ahead of these trends or just getting into it, rest assured that any steps you take in 2017 to show your ability to be employee-centric will pay off in the long run.  And if you are interested in improving your employee engagement efforts or reviewing your HR software needs in 2017, help is just an email ( or phone call away – 949-583-9500 x2205.

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