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The 2017 Sales Tax Survival Guide

The 2017 Sales Tax Survival Guide

Learn the Hidden Costs of Compliance

Tax compliance is ever-changing, and keeping up and feel like a full-time job. Sales and tax can be complex for many businesses. Knowledge is the most powerful tool to avoid audits and fees. Get a peek into the 2017 sales tax landscape with Avalara’s free Tax Guide.
Avalara publishes a Tax Survival Guide every year to make sure you don’t get left behind in the new regulations. Gain some insight into what is new, what is changing both the state and at the federal level, common challenges around tax compliance, and tips for staying on top of your tax obligations.

The State of the U.S. States

As States face budget deficits, they are looking to taxes for needed revenue. Sales and use tax are one of the largest generators of revenue. For example, Congress has yet to act on outdated federal internet sales legislation. Services now outpace goods in consumer spending but aren’t taxed with the same consistency.  And digital delivery of software, books and other media and streaming services have states perplexed when it comes to setting standards for taxability.

How to Survive

While not all compliance and tax regulations have changed, managing transactional tax can be a source of pain for many businesses.

The  Tax Survival Guide walks through ten of the most critical challenges a business can face, from managing expect sales to understanding drop shipping implications. Throughout each section, you’ll become equipped with the best practices for overcoming tax compliance challenges.

Learn more rules to live by that will save you time and money this year by watching our free on-demand webinar on the 10 Ways To Avoid Costly Tax Mistakes In 2017. 
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