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3 Ways a Customer Relationship Strategy Benefits the Home-Building Business

For companies in home building, or for companies who supply building products, it’s really more important than ever to get the most from every interaction with your customers. Can you really afford to lose customers or business because you’re not keeping people satisfied, or to miss sales opportunities because you didn’t follow up with the correct answers?

Customer “stickiness” isn’t that hard to achieve (that is, unless you’re using duct tape). Documenting exactly how your team interacts with customers and prospects will help improve your bottom line.

How can a customer relationship strategy help?

1. A well-defined strategy improves responsiveness to customers and prospective customers. Do you lose work because that paper message got lost on your desk, or you forgot to follow up on that important estimate? By putting automated processes in place to track and record every customer interaction as well as “exceptions” to the process, you establish service standards that make you more reliable and easier to work with – thus making your customers more satisfied.

2. Clearly defined processes mean that you can easily see what stage a project is in, see what needs to happen next, and expedite completed projects to accounting so you get paid faster. Completing projects more quickly and without service “hiccups” means your customers recommend you instead of the competition.

3. When you empower your team with tools to help them have visibility into the complete history of each customer, there’s no more confusion about who has talked to whom, and who told whom what. (Know what I mean?). Smooth service – not the runaround – is what customers expect when they call you.

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