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7 Brand Marketing Hacks

7 Brand Marketing Hacks

As marketer’s roles continue to expand over it’s easy to over-complicate the core of what they’re supposed to do. Marketers are no longer narrowly focused on acquiring new customers.  Now, they also dedicate time to nurturing existing customers and encouraging repeat sales since that is the key to long-term success. So let’s explore how we can make your job easier with 10 hacks:

So how can marketers keep it all together elegantly and effectively?  Here are seven brand marketing hacks that will help keep your attention focused on what’s most important so you can maximize your time and efforts.

      1. Brand Management – Consistency is key. Your branding must be consistent across all platforms and channels. Make sure that your project managers are communicating with a similar look and feel. The best way to do this is to have the following readily available:
        • Branding guideline documentation
        • Web and email templates
        • Logo images and usage guideline documentation
        • Corporate messaging guideline documentation
        • Headers/footers/banner image files
      2. Event Management – Maximize your events. Determine who is the ideal person you’d like to invite. Manage precise communications and create an automated workflow from your save-the-date notification to your event reminders. Save your future self some time by re-using your workflow as a template for the next event.
      3. Customer Onboarding – What does your “welcome package” look like? It may be time to strategize and update your client onboarding process.  Your goal is to make sure that your customer masters your product or service quickly and successfully. Solid onboarding drip campaigns include a healthy mix of:
        • Tutorials
        • Product Features
        • Educational Content
        • Help Resources
      4. Customer Expansion & Customer Retention – Use new feature announcements to your brand marketingbenefit. Keep your customers engaged and in the loop with the latest benefits. If communication comes to a halt after they have been on-boarded, your customer may end up feeling confused and become disengaged with your brand. By the time their contract is up for renewal, you may have lost that customer to a competitor.
      5. Upselling & Cross-selling – You’ve already invested in specific business resources to benefit your company. Use them. Leverage your ERP, CRM, and marketing automation systems to better understand when a buyer is ready for an upsell. Analyze the pages on your website that they’ve visited and contact them when you notice a datasheet has been downloaded. Alert your customer service team to the accounts that may be ready to renew and determine if it’s an opportunity to tighten the relationship.
      6. Partner Relationships & Press Releases – Score press and mentions from key bloggers, and interested influencers by seeing who is engaging with your web pages. Be aware of the pages they visit and see what they are interested in. With marketing automation, you can even track URLs that are tied to specific press releases so that you can better analyze your web visitors. Use that information to reverse engineer a targeted reach out to your admirer and develop a mutually beneficial relationship.
      7. Hiring Top Talent – Leverage new tools to keep prospective talent and current talent engaged. Track what web content has been clicked through and see what prospects could be a fit for your open positions.

Want more tools for your marketing toolbox?  Check out these 7 online marketing tools we recommend to help you optimize your lead generation results – https://blog.blytheco.com/optimize-lead-generation.

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