A Day at the Beach with Blytheco!
A Day at the Beach With Blytheco!

A Day at the Beach With Blytheco!

At Blytheco, we’re serious about having fun!

One of the credos we live by is making sure we are having fun at work.  We want to love the work we do, the clients we serve, and the team we do it with.

(Because we think it stinks to do something you hate all day, most days of the week!)

There are a variety of ways we infuse fun into our culture.  One of them is by hosting events outside of the office.  Recently, our Orange County, California team spent the day with each other, significant others and family members at Huntington State Beach.   Veteran team members who participated included Alison, Chris, Jeremy, Sally, Pauletta, and Dan.  Some newer “fish” in our pond came out to have fun, like Elizabeth, Eileen, and Theresa.  We even had  remote team members and some from other offices who were in town join in the fun, including Alicia, Sam, Kristina, Diana, and Mark.

The day was filled with swimming, walks on the beach and games like Jenga, Corn Hole, Kick-Ball and Volley Ball.  The game of the day was probably “Pass the Sponge.”  Two teams formed a line and passed a sponge soaked with water back to the next player.  The player at the end had to squeeze whatever water remained into the bucket.  Needless to say, it was a very wet initiative!  Of course, games are not complete without prizes, so several American Express Gift Cards were raffled off.

It’s always fun seeing the Executives out of their offices, letting their hair down, and catching them in funny situations that can be held against them later! Jeff diving (and falling) for volleyballs or Kendra running during Kickball will be giving us a chuckle for a little while to come.

Blytheco Hits The BeachPlaying all those games sure works up an appetite!  Thankfully, TacosZapata.com provided beachside delivery of Mexican food.

Our other offices in Colorado, Minnesota, Tampa, Greenville and Atlanta also organize fun events regularly.  If you are looking to be a part of a company where you can be free to love what you do and the people you do it with, check out some of our current open positions across the country.  And just maybe, you’ll be the next one getting soaked with a wet sponge!

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