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A Great Hair Day at Drybar

Have you ever had a service experience that left you talking about it for months after? I’m talking about an EXTREMELY POSITIVE experience.

My most positive experience in a while has been at a salon called Drybar. I’ve been talking about Drybar so much, they should be paying my bills. Seriously – I rave.

What is Drybar? It’s a place that only does blowouts. For any men who are still reading, that means all they do is dry your hair. But they do it SO.VERY.WELL that I’m still talking about my Drybar experience from December. From the cute design of the space to the drinks and movies that entertain you while you’re under the dryer, to the amazing attention of the stylists – it’s a dream.

So in my planning to go to Sage Summit in Nashville this year, I’m naturally thinking about getting my hair done. Having my hair look amazing will give me the energy and confidence I need to make the most of my Summit experience.

Alas, no Drybar in Nashville. Yet. Surely it’s only a matter of time before they are more omnipresent than Starbucks. But the ever-resourceful @AprylHanson found Lucy Pop Salon. This adorable salon has a fun, feminine image and – my sisters, they do blowouts, even giving them adorable names like Drybar does. I love the idea of The Stella.

Who’s in? We’re thinking of hosting a Tweet-in at Lucy Pop. Let’s make 2012 the year of fabulous hair at Sage Summit. We could do a contest – if your hair is actually bigger than your booth, you win. 😉

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