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Abra Product Updates Coming Your Way

Sage Abra Suite Q3 2010 Tax Updates for Sage Abra Suite versions 7.79, 7.85, and 9.03 are scheduled to be delivered early the week of September 20, 2010. We will immediately alert you when the updates are available for download on SupportPlus Online (SPO). The file will be located on the Products and Documentation site (download the latest updates).

We have the following key information for our Abra Suite v9 customers regarding our two upcoming Product Updates:

Abra Suite v9 Q3 Product Update 2010 is scheduled to be released in late September and will include:

– Q3 Payroll tax updates

– Product enhancements (With more details to follow in the product release notes):

  • Sage ERP MAS 90 link corrections
  • Employer maximum on combined benefit deductions
  • Windows® Printer Dialog allowing more control
  • New fields in Abra Suite HR to allow more basic employee data without customization
  • Field length increases in Abra Suite HR module
  • Data corrections in Abra Suite HR, Time Off
  • In-Product survey capability based on customer data
  • Standard Abra report corrections and enhancements

Abra Suite v9 SR, to be delivered in October, will include product enhancements for Sage Abra Workforce Connections (AWC):

  • Browser support for IE8 (issues corrected in IE8) and browser support for ESS/Applicant pages on Google Chrome™, Firefox®, and Safari® – Get your iPhones® and iPads™ ready!
  • Crystal Reports® in AWC
  • Security Control Questions in AWC
  • Time Off and Payroll information in View Builder

How will I receive the Abra Suite v9 Product Update?

  • Abra Payroll customers who pre-ordered the Q3 Tax Update will be shipped the Product Update the week of September 20th. Optionally, it can be downloaded from SPO.
  • Abra Payroll customers will receive Product Updates automatically when they download their Q3 2010 Tax Updates in the week of September 20th from SPO.
  • Abra Payroll with AWC customers will receive additional Abra Product Updates that correlate with AWC and the AWC-specific Product Update in mid-October by download from SPO.
  • Abra HR customers will receive the Abra Product Update in mid-October by download from SPO.
  • Due to the file size, the AWC Product Update will be shipped to AWC customers in mid-October. Optionally, it can be downloaded from SPO.

Is there anything else we should know?

  • Users of both Abra HR and Payroll will need to review the product change details in the accompanying release notes to decide when your organization will apply the update.
  • Where Abra Payroll and AWC products are used, it is essential that you plan your timing of activities in Payroll and Open Enrollment. Contact Blytheco for assistance.
  • Abra non-payroll customers who own AWC, and receive the Abra v9 SR Product Update in October, must apply updates for both the Abra and AWC products.
  • In mid-October, customers who own both Abra Payroll and AWC will receive Abra v9 SR Product Update that correlates with the AWC product. Therefore, we recommend these customers start the Open Enrollment processes after applying the Abra v9 SR and AWC Product Updates in October. Customers are asked to contact Blytheco Support for guidance if they have started or need to start Open Enrollment prior to receipt of the Abra v9 SR Product Update.

A reminder that Abra Suite v9 Product Updates are cumulative and include all changes made to the product. A key advantage to this change is that Quarterly Product Updates (formerly Quarterly Tax Updates), include all changes made to the system, not just tax updates. So with each new Product Update released, you will have the benefit of all product fixes added to the system since the previous release.

Product patches (or hot fixes) previously delivered individually, are now included with the Product Updates, which means each fix is no longer applied separately. Information on all changes will be documented and included in the product release notes.

Sage will publish the Product Updates and release notes on SupportPlus Online and these updates can be downloaded. Once you are alerted of product availability, you will be able to locate the most recent updates for Sage Abra on SupportPlus Online. The file will be located on Products and Documentation site (download the latest updates).

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