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How to Achieve Your 2017 Career Goals

How to Achieve Your 2017 Career Goals

Happy New Year

From the Blytheco family to yours, we wish you healthy and prosperous New Year!

This is typically a time when we all tend to take stock of the goals we achieved (or didn’t) in the past 12 months and envision new possibilities for the year ahead.   Whether you call them “New Years Resolutions” or not, most goals set every January center around health, relationships, money or career.

Just for fun, here are some of our team member’s  career goals they’d like to make a reality in 2017:


“I will be leveraging feedback from my leaders and colleagues in order to learn about different opportunities within our organization and how to obtain the one that aligns best with my passions and skill sets.”

– Carole M., Marketing

“[I plan to] slow down, listen more, talk less in every customer conversation, and engage the customer to a greater degree.”

– Kevin F., Consulting

“I will note issues to clients sooner after discovering, providing options to them for resolution. At the end of each day, while entering time, I will make solid notes regarding these options and review with appropriate leadership quickly, rather than attempting to just resolve independently. This will provide a better service to my clients and teammates.”

– Susan J., Consulting

“I want to track my overall growth in 2017.  I am going to journal my business thoughts/actions to identify trends, take stock of my interactions with clients, evaluate growth, and set new goals as the year progresses.”

– Laurin S., Sales

Having a goal or resolution is great but keeping it is a more challenging matter.  Whether it’s career or personal objectives you’d like to achieve in 2017, here are 3 sure-fire tips for making them a reality.


Achievement Tip #1 – Keep It Simple

Goals should cause you to stretch beyond your comfort zone but still be in the realm of possibilityachieve your 2017 career goals for you to achieve.  So make sure they are realistic.  Also, don’t try to bite off more than you can chew.  Having a list of 14 goals might be setting yourself up for failure.  Prioritize and pick the top two or three goals that will have the most impact on your life over the next 12 months.


Achievement Tip #2 – Make it Real

It’s good to have your goals in your head but there is something about writing them down makes them real.  Whether it’s on plain index cards or gussied up, “vision board” style, having your goals in a visual form that you can see every day helps to reinforce both your conscious and subconscious mind.  So go ahead: write them down, then put copies in multiple places where you’re likely to see it every day and let it power your motivation.


Achievement Tip #3 – Be Accountable

Move your goals from the paper to reality.  Recruit a trusted friend (or manager, in the case of work-related goals) who can check in with you regarding your progress.  Opening yourself to receiving help and feedback helps you to keep moving forward when your resolve stalls or you hit some obstacles.


Make 2017 the year you cross everything off your list and achieving all your goals.  Do you have other tips to successfully meet your goals?  Share with us in the comments. Is making a career change on your list this year?  Check out our open positions.

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