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Adaptive Journey: AI for the Marketer

Adaptive Journey: AI for the Marketer

AI. Machine Learning. Two very key buzzwords in our world today. These two words are in the journey of becoming a part of your everyday life.

Act-On is bringing AI into the hands of marketers with their latest feature, Adaptive Journeys. They have focused in on personalizing engagement based on the cusAct-On Adaptive Journeytomer’s sche
dule. What this means for the everyday marketer is that they no longer need to determine an email send time. Now the send time is based on the individual’s interaction with the companies communications. The platform will recognize customer behavior, interests, and preferences to adapt messaging,



Act-On Adaptive SegmentationThe Act-On platform has learned from past campaigns and taken the guess work out of when the customer engages with your materials. Act-On’s adaptive send time assess


es all inbound behaviors for contacts in a list. It predicts when emails get sent based on past engagement times. Therefore you get higher conversion rates, with more leads feeding into the sales funnel. We’re talking real-time, automatic information.



Adaptive ScoringEnsure that proper nurturing of key targets, minimize manual analysis, and eliminate the guess work. Building on our big data investment, giving more choice to automate scoring across segments, industries, and buyers. More qualified leads driving higher win rates. Future goals for this feature:  Profile and behavior indicators. Machine learning drives analysis. Adaptive scoring rules.



ico-combo-adaptive-formsQuestions, fields, pages and content can all adapt based on responses. Progressive profiling bases future engagement on past interactions. Response-specific alerts created in a click. Maximize everyone’s time – the customer as well as sales reps that get fed key information. It should progress with the user and adapt to what they want to look at.

So what does this mean for today’s marketer?

With adaptive journeys, Act-On is giving marketers the ability to personalize the buyer’s experience based on one-to-one engagements. Using predictive intelligence and machine learning, this technology will make the customer journey more adaptable, more fluid, and create a personalized timing for the audience. By improving engagement, customers will flow quicker through the sales funnel and deals can be secured in a timelier manner.

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