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Albert Einstein, Blytheco, and Sage Summit: July 10th-July15th

Have you ever wondered what some of the faces at Blytheco look like? We know that today’s technology has often negated the need for face-to-face conversations, and in this day and age it might just be easier to reach someone via a tweet. Well, in our preparation for Sage Summit this year, we’ve rolled out an interactive theme to our teams and they’ve joined up with Mr. Albert Einstein himself (if Mr. Einstein were currently a photo cutout, that is) to show their faces to the world.

On our Facebook page you can stay up-to-date and view pictures as they are taken in our offices across the country as Albert visits the Blytheco. They’re something new every week so be sure to keep visiting our page.

So, you’re probably still asking, what exactly Albert Einstein and Blytheco have in common? If you are attending Sage Summit, visit booth 812 to find out . If you are unable to attend, stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page to see our updates from the show.

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