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All About the Cloud

All About the Cloud

Have you been resistant to the cloud? Are you concerned that moving to the cloud could make your business vulnerable?

A lot of companies are making this transition, and a compelling article written by the Wall Street Journal compares cloud technology to cell phone companies fixing dropped call issues when that industry was in its infancy. The article highlights some recent service interruptions, and the lessons to be learned from these inevitable challenges as this important deployment option experiences growing pains.

The truth is the industry is on course to go from the $16 billion in revenue reported in 2009 to $73 billion by 2015. We are passing through the early adoption phase and companies that need to save costs are looking to cut down on IT infrastructure, the cloud remains a perfect way to do that.

This is one reason that we have decided to partner with companies like Sugar CRM, Netsuite, Hubspot and Insideview. These cloud-based systems are an important option for companies today. They are not only up and coming but are starting to make major headway in helping businesses in their pursuit of growth.

If you haven’t thought about how the cloud could work for your business, check out our white paper The Benefits of Running Your Business Software in the Cloud.

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