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Aloha Day at Blytheco

Aloha Day at Blytheco

An important aspect of our culture here at Blytheco is making sure we have #FunAtWork.  Each of our six local offices has “Fun Committees” and plan monthly events, from a simple in office lunch through to after-hour get-togethers.

Recently, our #BlythecoOC team planned a monthly lunch, held on July 22, 2016, as their fun event.  But, being the home office, they couldn’t just have a regular lunch.

Oh, no!

They had to push the “fun factor” over the top with the Hawaiian-themed “Aloha Day,” (leaving the #BlythecoATL, #BlythecoMN, #BlythecoFL, #BlythecoSC and #BlythecoDEN teams wondering if they were trying to out “fun” them!)

Aloha Day brought the spirit of the islands indoors with tropical-themed decorations.  As the team sat down to an unhurried nosh session, deliciously prepared by Ono Hawaiian BBQ, Hawaiian music played breezily in the background.

Of course, the event couldn’t have been complete without a little friendly competition for best Hawaiian outfit; Michelle Klien won, hands down, for best costume.

Check out some of the pictures from the festivities.
#BlythecoOC Aloha Day 7-22-16

Meanwhile, the other team offices are huddled up, planning their own over the top luncheon theme so they can swipe the “cool kids” crown from The OC!

And if you’d love to come and have lunch and work with the “cool kids,” check out some of our open positions.

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