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Automate the Small Stuff and Improve Efficiency

What could your business achieve if you could automate routine employee functions like report creation, monitoring KPIs, website updates, and changes to important contact information? You would free up employee time, reduce errors, and avoid critical failures. The results could be meaningful increases in operational efficiency – and greater profitability.

Business Process Management software like TaskCentre can help you achieve that level of efficiency. TaskCentre for SalesLogix automates the acquisition, manipulation, dissemination, and integration of data in your systems with:

  • Advanced business alerts
  • Workflow optimization
  • Document automation
  • Web content publishing
  • Subscription and request features
  • Integration of data across multiple systems

Define and configure your unique processes and rules using TaskCentre. Its web-based components mean you can include non-SalesLogix users in workflow. TaskCentre is a comprehensive tool for providing your staff with the information they need to make decisions.

For more information about TaskCentre, contact us today.

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