Bad Customer Service - Are You Committing These Crimes?
Bad Customer Service – Are You Committing These Crimes?

Bad Customer Service – Are You Committing These Crimes?

Now that Thanksgiving and Black Friday have occurred, the 2016 holiday season is in full swing!  Businesses of all types are rushing to fill year-end sales goals. But in the rush, it’s important not to damage your reputation with bad customer service.

I’m sure you can easily think of a time when you had a not so nice exchange with a company.  Bad customer service is usually easy to spot.  But just in case it isn’t, we asked a few of our team members to share some of their “nightnamre” experiences by answering these two questions: “Bad customer service looks like…” and “You know you’ve had a bad customer service experience when…”

These are their horror stories!



“… when I ask a question and my inquiry seems to  have burdened or angered a rep.”Poor customer service

– K. A.

“…when you’re waiting 5-10mins waiting to be let into a fitting room while the workers are in the front gossiping with each other!”

-A. H.

“… when you call customer service and get referred to handle your issue through their website!”

-A. H.

“…when you’re told, “We don’t do that,” or “That’s not my department.”


“…when the customer service rep argues with you about your concerns.”




“…you hang up the phone or leave the store and you don’t have smile on your face; you’re feeling frustrated and disgruntled.”

– K. A.

Terrible Customer Service“…you swear to never work with or conduct business with someone again!”


“…the customer service rep says hold on, but the next thing you hear is the dial tone.”


“…you leave a store or finish a call and have no feeling whatsoever about your experience.”

– K. D.

“…you contact a service provider for service and you never hear back from them.”


“…you’re the one who has to continually follow up to get a response.”


“…you’ve purchased a product or service from a company and they continue to hound you to buy the same thing you already bought!”



It’s easy to spot other company’s bad customer service mistakes but are you or your team committing them inside your own business? We packed our Spring 2016 Bellwether issue full of Customer Service tips and best practices to help you sidestep these branding bombs and create the best client experiences in every single interaction all the time!  Read it cover to cover for free HERE. Happy selling!

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