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Best Practices for LinkedIn

Best Practices for LinkedIn

 I attended a great seminar this morning (thanks Stuart Langer for inviting!) about practical uses for LinkedIn. The presenter made a strong case for using LinkedIn as part of any job search or business development plan. It’s evident that if you are in business, you need to be using LinkedIn.

He made a few points that I thought were worth passing on:

  • Include personal interests in your profile. People are drawn to people who are interesting and want to see more than a regurgitated resume.
  • Connections = advantage. If you are competing for someone’s attention, any connection you can make (similar interests, went to the same school, know the same people) creates a distinction for you among your competitors.
  • LinkedIn may not result in your connecting with the “right person” at your targeted company, but it can connect you with a person who has ACCESS to that “right person.”
  • It’s a numbers game. The more connections you have (and the more connections those in your network have), the likelier you are to benefit from LinkedIn.
  • Seek first to help others, then seek help yourself. Don’t be selfish, and pay it forward.
  • The ultimate goal of LinkedIn should be a meeting or an in-person conversation. It is not a substitute for human interaction.

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