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blyDea #15: Pace Yourself at Sage Summit

We’re in the homestretch of preparing for Sage Summit, and we know many of you are too. Before the mania sets in, here are a few tips for getting the most out of Summit (or any busy time) by being mindful of your pace.

Don’t over do. Don’t overdrink (coffee or cocktails!), don’t overeat, and don’t stay out too late. I know it’s tempting to take in all the parties, sessions, meals, receptions, etc., but staying moderate in your activities means you sleep better and have more energy for what matters. And you don’t go home feeling miserable or getting sick. We’re supplying our team with energy bars and drinks to help them stay hydrated and satisfied while they are in Nashville.

Manage your energy. Especially you introverts out there – you’re constantly “on” at a conference, talking to people, answering questions, telling your story. And the hours are long and busy. Schedule time to get away from it all and recharge your batteries. Best place to recharge? Probably not your hotel room in front of the TV. Try the gym (but NOT during early morning hours when you’re sure to run into conference peeps), or the indoor pool. Swimming has a way of clearing out the cobwebs and refreshing your mind and body.

Set goals. At a busy conference with so much going on, it’s very easy to forget why you are there. Be intentional about your activity and stay focused. Want to meet influencers in the industry? Schedule meetings with them NOW (pre-conference) so you don’t get derailed. Want to explore partnerships? Be sure you have a clear, plain language “elevator pitch” on what you bring to the table to share with people you meet, so you can quickly establish rapport with potential partners.

Be here now. Don’t be so preoccupied with what’s going on back at your office that you miss out on valuable conference opportunities. Sure, you may need to check in with the office occasionally or respond to a client emergency, but you paid good money to get yourself to Summit and it only happens once a year. Be present and engaged with what’s going on, and you’ll set yourself up to take back valuable info and resources to improve your office life when you return.

You can find more tips on Keeping Your Stamina at Trade Shows here, particularly for exhibitors or booth workers. How do you manage yourself when you’re crazy busy? Share your #blyDeas on our Facebook page!

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