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Business Recovery: What We Can Learn From the Disaster in Japan

Business Recovery: What We Can Learn From the Disaster in Japan

As it has been ubiquitously reported, I am sure all of you are aware of the devastating tsunami that struck Japan last week. This tsunami, caused by an 8.9 magnitude earthquake was one of the worst ever recorded in history. The 3rd largest economy on the planet has pummeled. Thousands of businesses have been destroyed, and many have perished. Because natural disasters occur and are often unpredictable, it is essential for businesses to have a disaster recovery plan in place.

Obviously during a disaster, health and safety come first, however, there will come a point in time when people and companies alike will have to transition back into a normal life. The key is to mitigate the loss and pain through careful preparation.

So how do you do that? You should first develop a disaster recovery plan with these questions in mind:

  • What assets do I need to protect?
  • How can I best protect them?
  • What is my Recovery Point Objective?
  • What is my Recovery Time Objective?
  • Do I need a business continuity plan to go along with the recovery plan?
  • To whom shall the disaster recovery duties be designated?
  • Where should our alternative workplace be in light of a disaster?

These are just some of the questions that many in Japan will soon be facing. In the days and weeks to come, some businesses will return to work swiftly and effectively. They will resume full operations and miss only a few calendar days of operation – these are the businesses that have already developed their disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

Others though will find that many or all of their key IT assets have perished due to the affects of the disaster. It is important to note that having a disaster recovery plan alone may not offer full IT protection, particularly when dealing with a devastation on the scale of Japan’s. Disasters are generally unpredictable, but being prepared and having the right plan(s) in order will put your business in a better position.

To make a donation to help those suffering in Japan, please visit the American Red Cross.

Oli Thordarson is the CEO of Alvaka Networks, a provider of network security and network management services. With over 28 years of experience, Oli is the founding chairman of the Global MSP Network and currently serves on the board of CompTIA and the Technology Leadership Political Action Committee.

Alvaka Networks is distinguished for its many industry awards, including the NASBA Top VAR Award. Alvaka Networks is headquartered in IRVINE, CA.

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