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Can You Find Synchronicity Online?

Can You Find Synchronicity Online?

What is synchronicity you may ask? As defined by Encarta Online Encyclopedia, ”synchronicity is the coincidence of events that seem related, but are not obviously caused one by the other. The term was first used in this sense in the work of the psychologist Carl Jung.’”

Joseph Jaworski wrote a transformational book called ‘Synchronicity, The Inner Path of Leadership’ in which he explains the journey he personally took to transition from an attorney to thought-leader in leadership studies. In a story about one thing leading to another, you get the sense that synchronicity is more related to events leading you to the next related event because of the desire and passion that drives someone forward.

This was the first book my mentor, Howard Hansen, asked me to read when he started working with me and I will forever be grateful.

Now, as our connections become more about online presence instead of authentic face-to- face exchanges, will synchronicity be a thing of the past? Exchanging digitally or online isn’t the same as having lunch with someone which could lead to an introduction of someone that you may eventually do business with. It seems our move into the digital age is stemming synchronicity – meeting in person may become a thing of the past.

Has anyone found that online has produced the ability for you to meet someone that you may never have reached before and it has turned out to be a synchronistic event for you? I’m curious, let me know.

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