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Can you Maintain Culture While Growing Your Company?

Can you Maintain Culture While Growing Your Company?

Today I was reading an article in Forbes Online written by Mike Templeman – Is Your Company Culture Hurting Your Growth. Mike touches on something that we have experienced in our own company growth, and being a company that helps growing organizations with technology we have seen this be a challenge across multiple organizations. Culture is something that is very important to maintaining employee happiness, which we believe has a direct correlation to your customer long term relationships. The article touches on if it is hurting your company growth – and I think about the opposite challenge – many companies love their culture and want to maintain that as they grow. Is it possible to do that?

The most important pieces of culture is the ability to have unbiased feedback from your employees to your leaders. When companies are small this feedback is easy to gather in the office. As companies are more virtual and your workforce becomes larger and more diverse time spent having conversations related to culture and how people are feeling about your company and its growth can be more difficult to maintain.

Companies often decide then they will send a survey out and use tools like Survey Monkey to be able to gather information. While it can be anonymous, what we have found is that all of this information then has to manually calculated, tabulated and you have no ability to bench mark yourselves against other companies your size or same industry. Because of that we went in search of a tool that would help us with us and that is when we came across Custom Insights. They assist you with the survey and give you results that allow you to bench mark yourself. Deploying a feedback survey went from very painful to painless. Feedback is important to maintaining your culture as you grow.

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