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Celebrating Minor Holidays at Blytheco

Celebrating Minor Holidays at Blytheco

In America, we have our major national holidays like 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Thanksgiving.

(Sorry, SuperBowl Sunday doesn’t make the cut!) 

Then there are those minor holidays and observances that  we love to celebrate, but they don’t earn us a paid day off from work, such as Halloween, St. Patricks’ Day, or Columbus Day.

But there’s a whole treasure trove of under-publicized observances that hardly get 1/10 the shine that a big day like Christmas gets.

So our #BlythecoOC office decided enough was enough.  It was time to elevate one of these lesser know observances to a level of awareness worthy of a string of 100 blinking LED lights in the shape of little candle flames.

The lucky recipient of our benefaction?

June  6th – National Yo-Yo day.National Yo-Yo Day

Yes, that delightful toy, consisting of a string wound around an axle, sandwiched between two disks which  cause many children of all ages to abandon it in frustration in about 43.5 seconds of playing with it!

Why’d we pick it?

Just for fun!

To mark the grand day (which we actually observed on June 23rd, 2016) the festivity (yes, singular!) consisted of an employee yo-yo contest, with commemorative yo-yos decorated with a Blytheco logo sticker.  Two deserving awards  were handed out.  Alison Kawai, Customer Service Ambassador, won for longest yoyoing.  Jose won for his impressive “Grandfather Clock” trick.

Honorable mention in the trick category: Sally Brown, Director of Client Administration.  Her trick was “walk the dog” (although, it pretty much looked like she was just dragging the yo-yo on the floor behind her!)

Click through some pictures from our event.

#BlythecoOC Yo-Yo Day June 23, 2016

If you’re interested in working hard with a group of talented team members who also like to have fun, check out some of our open positions.

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