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How to Complete an Annual Cost Review in Sage X3

While there are several strategies for carrying out costing reviews, many companies choose to calculate costs annually. As you enter the new year, consider the last costs were calculated and whether it is appropriate to do so now. This process helps bring standard costs in Sage X3 closer to actual costs.

First, It’s recommended that you test your calculation by running a simulation (Costing->Cost Calculations->simulated cost calculation). You may then run your cost calculation by selecting Standard Cost Calculation in the same menu block.

The Standard Cost Calculation is completed by site but can be adjusted for a specific product or selection of products. The calculation date and BOM type are mandatory. The Calculation Quantity field is mandatory if you are calculating a specific product and is usually in line with the lot quantity or economic order quantity.

After running the calculation, a log will appear and can also be accessed from Reports->Reports->Log Reading.


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