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Completing Survey Could Land You Free iPad

Completing Survey Could Land You Free iPad

Here we go again. The NYT reports that Americans are pessimistic and maybe the economy is getting worse, not better. For a while, it looked like things were looking up. But now, the perfect storm of high energy costs, disappointment with governmental leadership (or the lack thereof), and general malaise seems to have snuck up again. What are we to think?

What do you think? We are very curious to know where you stand on this and other topics and are launching a major survey to our entire community to find out.

The survey will be conducted online, and will have a current-customer focus. Blytheco wants to know how things are going for you, what trends you are seeing in your business or non-profit organization, where you see your industry heading and what tools are most important to you?

What’s in it for you, you say? I knew you’d ask! All survey participants will receive a free copy of the survey results and analysis report, so you can benchmark your organization against others. Participants will also be entered in a drawing for…an Apple iPad!

The survey link will be available the first week of May, so stay tuned! It’s unlike anything that’s ever been done in our industry, and I believe it will deliver important data about what businesses are dealing with today.

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