How To Create a Customer Journey: Don't Let Your Prospects Get Lost
How to Create A Customer Journey: Don’t Let Your Prospects Get Lost

How to Create A Customer Journey: Don’t Let Your Prospects Get Lost

Getting lost is never a fun experience.  It’s one reason we are so tied to our smartphones that help us map out our next destination within seconds. As a company, you want to make sure your prospects who are just discovering you or want to deepen their knowledge about what you have to offer don’t get lost along the way.  As marketers, it is our duty to ensure we aren’t turning prospects into wanders, but rather to guide them and provide a well rounded tour. But how do we do that? Create a customer journey and optimize each stage.

A customer journey is essentially a series of steps that your prospects take to discover your brand and learn enough to come to the point of making a buying decision.  Mapping out your online marketing channels, the messages you share across them plus capturing and nurturing leads all generate data that will help you optimize your prospect’s journey to becoming your customer.  Action steps can be organized in these five general steps: attract, capture, nurture, convert, and expand.

ATTRACT: Love at First Sight.

It all begins with attraction. The prospect was drawn to your content, whether it be a solution or a service. It’s critical that we understandlifecycle-gif how they reached that point, and which content is continuing to drive traffic. Determine which channels are being used, how many people are visiting that content, and where those numbers seem to be dropping off. Once you understand that, you’ll be able to tailor the content and customer journey appropriately.

Capture: Gotta Catch Them.

Your views are up, but now what? It’s time to determine the customer’s persona. Who are they? What are their interests? When you’re able to identify your target audience, it is much easier to create engaging content.

NURTURE: Plant the Seeds, Watch Them Grow.

Build a relationship with the prospect. You know their interests and you have an understanding of what they look for and how they look for it, now it’s time to use that. Create segmented campaigns based on specific prospect types. Then determine which programs are the most effective.

CONVERT: Lead the Way.

Whether the journey takes the lead into a sale, or that lead becomes an opportunity – the customer has made that decision based off of the Marketing map you’ve developed. At this point you must determine which campaigns are leading to which decisions.

EXPAND: Don’t Stop at the Initial Sale.

You’ve done the heavy lifting. Keep driving that relationship with existing customers and transforming them into lifelong value. After all usually the best sales come from referral.

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Market Across The Full Customer Journey

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