How a CRM Process Improvement Can Transform a Business
How a CRM Process Improvement Can Transform a Business

How a CRM Process Improvement Can Transform a Business

Process improvements are common in manufacturing-based businesses. But you can apply strategic changes to any set of procedures to improve results. Often, adjusting the way you utilize your software, especially a CRM process improvement, can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Having a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that fits an organization’s sales needs is critical in today’s business world. The technology helps to standardize sales processes and provide insight into the entire life cycle of your prospects and clients. Best of all, it does it a fraction of the time of manual procedures.

Here are two examples of Blytheco clients who experienced greater results by initiating a CRM process improvement which supported their business goals.


CUSTOMER: Industrial DoorsIndustrial Doors

BACKGROUND: For over 40 years, The Industrial Door Company has been manufacturing springs for and installing garage doors.



CHALLENGE: With several divisions and a growing company, it became evident to Industrial Doors that they couldn’t continue to manage sales processes with spreadsheets. Too often many deals fell through the cracks be-cause follow-up was inconsistent and they didn’t have accurate insight into where a prospect was in the sales cycle. On the surface, they seemed like little problems but in reality, it cost them big bucks in lost opportunities and deals that never closed. Their CRM process improvement: it was time to finally pick and implement a CRM system.

SOLUTION: Kevin implemented Sage CRM to complement Industrial Doors’ Sage 100 ERP. Now they have Garage-Doors-OSbetter management and tracking of all their deals. Their CRM has taken the guesswork out of knowing how close a prospect or customer was in the sales cycle. Kevin also customized the system to manage two different workflows. Because of the company’s unique divisions, they have different sales processes. But all the sales data, the ability to manage it, resides happily in one system.

WHAT THE CLIENT HAD TO SAY: “We had invested in a few different CRM programs in the past and just could not find the right software platform until we discovered the CRM module to Sage. We quickly realized having the sales team, customer service and quality all adopting the same system that integrates with our ERP system would help eliminate a lot of calls and emails back in forth between departments. We can truly say all of our departments are operating together now. The idea of having a sales central location tied to the ERP system is quickly having us question how we could operate effectively before. Hands down the best decision of 2016!”

Jenny McGrath, Director of Sales & Marketing and CRM Administrator


CUSTOMER: SymbolArtssymbolarts

BACKGROUND: SymbolArts is a leader in providing custom police badges, custom challenge coins, custom patches, and other military and public safety jewelry-quality insignia.

SOFTWARE: Infor CRM (Formerly Saleslogix)


CHALLENGE: SymbolArts had a fine business but experienced an explosive growth when the Olympics came to Salt Lake City, Utah in 2002. Winning some of those contracts allowed them to expand into new product lines and experience success long after the games left town. When their sales force ballooned up to 43 people, they had clearly outgrown managing their sales cycles on spreadsheets. Their CRM process improvement: implmenting and customizing a new CRM.

SOLUTION: Todd Daskal implemented SalesLogix (now Infor CRM) for SymbolArts and wrote custom scripts to North_Salt_Lake_Badgetailor the solution to their business. They were able to automate much of their sales processes. A big bonus for them was the ability to automate their art logs which helps them with reorders of projects from years back as well as being able to present examples of their custom work to win new sales.

WHAT THE CLIENT HAD TO SAY: “Our company was using out of date, archaic technology. With the help of Blytheco and our representative Todd Daskal, the implementation of Infor CRM has dramatically improved our sales process. We now have a better method of handling leads and fostering those into meaningful opportunities and customers. Post-sale, Todd has been great to work with, he is quick to answer questions and keeps the machine working.”

Chris Shupe, Regional Sales Manager


Do you need a CRM process improvement? Having other CRM troubles? Request a free consultation with Kevin, Todd, or one of our other amazing CRM team members.  You can also give us a call at 949-583-9500 x2500.

Article reprinted from the Winter 2016 issue of Bellwether.

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