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CRM Software Assessment: Is Your Business Displaying These Symptoms?

CRM Software Assessment: Is Your Business Displaying These Symptoms?

Think your Sales, Marketing and Customer Service departments are performing well? Or are you concerned about how well they’re serving your business? Take this quick quiz to see how your Sales, Marketing and Customer Service departments are really performing.

Does your business have these problems?

  • You can’t pinpoint a “single source of truth.”

Your customer service department has one set of customer data and your sales team has another. Having information in different places or recorded in multiple programs creates a road block for collaborating and managing data efficiently. It has a serious impact on customer service, because no one has a “360 degree view” of the customer/prospect.

  • Lack of visibility.

Your business is growing and so is your customer base, but do you have a clear view of how your team is performing? Can you easily indentify a customer’s position in the customer lifecycle and assist your team when it’s apparent that they’ve hit a bump in the road?

  • Lack of front office and back office integration.

Are your front office teams (Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service) and back office teams (Accounting, Fulfillment, Shipping, etc.) struggling to communicate with each other? Are important customer interactions at the beginning of the customer life cycle not making their way to the teams on the back end?

  • Generic customer messaging

Every lead or customer is unique in some way or another. Can you segment leads and target them with specific marketing communications? Are your interactions with prior/existing customers addressing their needs? Effective segmentation of leads and customers is essential if you want to send marketing messages that resonate.

  • Strategic business decisions are being made without quality customer data.

Are you struggling to uncover useful information from your customer data? Is the executive team having a hard time interpreting and applying the analytics delivered to them? Inconsistent data has a large effect on forecasting and the ability to set realistic goals.

Diagnosis & Treatment

All of the issues listed above can hold back a business from growing its customer base and the ability to maintain the level of customer service current clients have come to know. These same issues can restrict your team’s productivity and force them to be reactive instead of utilizing their talents to be proactive.

If your business is experiencing any of these problems, it is in need of CRM software. Or if you already have CRM software, it’s time to re-evaluate your current system. New solutions, such as Sage CRM and web-based CRM, can provide your team with the visibility they need into customer needs and interactions.

Invest in a solution that has the tools and functionality that can make your team more efficient and effective. Customer Relationship Management software is the means to consistent growth; let’s find a solution that can grow with you.

We’ll be happy to help you uncover your needs and find solutions that will allow you to effective utilize your customer data and grow your business. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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