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Your customer experience is not an accident!

We had another informative webinar (part of our series) from David van Toor last week. David is the founder of No Plan B LLC, a business-to-business consulting firm specializing in the development and implementation of new processes that ensure the delivery of a profitable, and consistently unique, customer experience.

Thursday’s session was the first of six sessions with David about delivering a great customer experience and transforming your company.

David noted that a quality customer experience speaks for itself and often speaks loudly as an advertisement for your company. Paid advertising is the tax that companies pay on being unremarkable.

In order to be remarkable, a company’s customer experience should be:

  • Constructed: it should be designed intentionally with purpose. For example, at Volvo, they have one person who is responsible for the reassuring sound that the car’s door makes when it’s closed. They intentionally turn action into experience!
  • Characteristic: it should be uniquely yours, making you the vendor of choice among your competitors.
  • Cohesive: it should be consistent with your brand. The experience of actual customers should match the marketing message…otherwise your image is compromised.
  • Compelling: Your customer experience should be of sufficient quality to attract a sizable audience. For example: customers were willing to wait in line for hours (days?) to purchase the new iPad. Crazy, but compelling!
  • Consistent: The customer experience should always be the same.

He noted that social media has changed the way customers interact and spread the word about their customer experiences. Information travels faster, and is transparent. That presents a huge opportunity for businesses.

To hear David’s complete first session, click here. And be sure to register for the rest of David’s series (as well as the other webinars in the Blytheco Summer Webinar Series) by clicking here.

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