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Debunking the Myths of On-Premise ERP Security

Data and system security are of utmost concern to almost every business. These concerns often trump performance and data recovery in level of importance to ERP buyers.

Early perceptions of the Cloud were that security and privacy were questionable. Many users believed that it was a risk to have sensitive company data outside of company firewalls. Fears included the inability of providers to prevent users from accessing data. High-profile breaches of Google,, and others have reinforced the idea that the cloud is a security risk.

However, technology has matured and perceptions are changing. In fact, in certain situations, the cloud may be more secure than on-premise systems.

Large-scale cloud providers focus on security as a core component of their solution. In fact, their entire brand hinges on their ability to ensure optimal system uptime and keep data properly safeguarded. They retain dedicated security expertise at a level not affordable to most small and midsized businesses. Their CTO, IT architects and network administrators strategize and monitor the security of their solution. They are chartered to ensure robust redundancy, back-ups, and data controls, while also addressing newly arising security challenges.

On the other hand, many small to medium-sized businesses struggle to implement and maintain best practices for security and redundancy. Their IT staff is often tasked with supporting broader businesses needs and is challenged to monitor and mitigate constantly changing emerging threats. Further, investments in full redundancy and offsite regular back-ups can be difficult to fund and support. An environment such as this can be at a greater risk of security breaches and outages than a cloud system.

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