How to Improve Your Email Marketing Performance in 2017
How To Impove Your Email Marketing Performance In 2017

How To Impove Your Email Marketing Performance In 2017

Email marketing in 2017 is tough.  But it certainly isn’t dead.

The fact still remains that there are three times as many email accounts as there are Facebook and Twitter accounts combined. Email is the work-horse for every account a person creates. It has become the standard form of digital communication for both business and personal transactions. So the idea that we’re veering away from e-mail simply is not the case.

Email is now a highly saturated forum, so the days of marketers enjoying 80%+ open rates on every message have long since been over.  Consumer’s personal and work inboxes are busting out the seems.  Modern email users control the chaos by setting rules for their inboxes, or their email service provider automatically filters out marketing messages into separate folders. The struggle is real to get your messages seen today.  And it takes much more than a clever subject line to get it opened and enjoy true engagement with your customers and increased sales.

The state of email marketing has changed significantly in the past year alone. If you want to see improved email email marketing plus marketing automationmarketing performance in 2017, your email campaigns must work in tandem with your overall marketing strategy and marketing automation efforts. You must know the rules of genuine customer engagement and retention-based marketing in order to have a chance at meeting your revenue goals.  Successful deliverability is now based on recipients’ actions, whether you are sending a B2B or B2C email.

So what’s a marketer to do?  Do your homework on your customers.  Know their wants, pain points, and desires better than they do.  Next, brush up on some email marketing basics and use our checklist below to ensure your campaigns are hitting all the high notes.

Deliverability 101

  • Permission is a necessity. Don’t just add customers’ emails to your marketing list. Get their permission first.
  • User engagement is key. Are your customers eagerly anticipating your next message?
  • Domain reputation is email marketing’s newest reality.  It’s not just about your IP address.
  • Understand your Marketing Automation platform’s features insight and out; it is significant in deliverability success.

Email Performance Factors

  • Dependent upon when you send it. Analyze your past emails’ performance and determine the best times to send.
  • Dependent on what you send. Are you sending helpful content?  Are you sending a sales request? What’s your audience’s preferences for receiving the various types of messages you send?
  • Data has a shelf life.  Be sure you’re not making decisions on email and customer data from 5 years ago! Keep your data and your email list clean to ensure your marketing is relevant.

User Engagement

  • Positive Engagement: Things like moving a message out of SPAM, marketing as not SPAM, and even replying to an image helps you build your reputation. You want the user to engage with your message. Reading and viewing it, or even opening it will help your company ward against SPAM filters.
  • Negative Engagement: A user deleting your message without opening it, or marking your message as SPAM will hinder your email reputation.

Times to Send

  • Tuesday is the heaviest email sending day.
  • Most transactions occur from 6am – 10am.
  • Best practice: test out different sending times to find your audience’s sweet spot.

Success from your email marketing in conjunction with marketing automation occurs when you send the right content to the right people at the right time, using the best practices.  Need more in-depth help?  Claim your free marketing technology assessment today, or learn more about our Advanced Marketing services.


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