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A Deep Dive Into Why Employee Engagement Matters

A Deep Dive Into Why Employee Engagement Matters

To some, Employee Engagement is another one of those hot, buzz-worthy business terms being tossed around the last few years.  Like this season’s trendy Balenciaga oversized bags, “Employee Engagement” is like an accessory to make their company look attractive to Millennials.

That’s not the case with us.  We’ve been genuinely interested in correctly reading the temperature of our culture for several years, plus using that information to make culture shifting and revenue impacting changes.  As a result of being methodical and intentional about our culture and our employee engagement, we’ve actually won a few awards for being a great place to work.

To say that we’re passionate about employee engagement would be an understatement, but we’re not the only ones!  So at the risk of sounding as though we’re just tooting our own horns, we’ve brought in reinforcements to help us demonstrate that this is not just a passing fad. Our partner, Ascentis, recently hosted a deep dive webinar  entitled  Employee Engagement: Why it Really Matters to Organizations, presented by Pamela Schneider a Product Manager at Ascentis.

Employee Engagement Can Impact Your Company’s Reputation and Revenue

On the webinar, Pamela discussed the ways in ensuring that employees are engaged can affect an organization. More specifically, presentation outlined the varied levels of engagement such as theEmployee Engagement Webinar engaged, almost engaged, honeymooners, crash & burners, and the disengaged. Attendees learned how to recognize these various levels of engagement as well as what they look like in the workplace. The webinar also provided examples that illustrate these different engagement levels.

In addition to educating on engagement levels, the webinar also provided examples of disengaged employees. For example, disengaged employees frequently arrive to work late, or take a lot of personal days. Finally, HR professionals gained tools to learn how prioritizing workers to care for an organization can reduce absenteeism and fewer quality defects in your services or offerings as an organization, ultimately protecting the company’s reputation and bottom line.

If you are an HR leader, or you are a manager in a different department but you’ve been seeing signs of disengaged employees, this webinar will help you to identify your team member’s differing engagement levels, understand what disengaged employees are really doing in the workplace, and how you as a leader can influence commitment and inspiration among employees.

Bonus – If you are an HR professional, this free HR webinar recording is approved for 1.0 free SHRM credit and 1.0 free HRCI credit!

Click here to watch the free webinar now!

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