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The Fear of Fear Among Business Leaders

The Fear of Fear Among Business Leaders

“Fear or stupidity has always been the basis of most human actions.”

Albert Einstein to E. Mulder, April 1954, Einstein Archive 60-609

How much does fear play into the decisions that most leaders make? How aware are you of the level of fear impacting you on a day-to-day basis in your decisions? We see fear impacting most businesses and leaders today and it is stifling their growth.

When we are afraid, our flight or fight system takes over. Animal instincts aren’t creative or problem solving – they fundamentally cause us to act without reason and often barbaric. In this mode, we may not even realize that we are being reactive instead of proactively thinking. Panic sets in and we look to save ourselves. This doesn’t help progress.

It is the ideal leader who not only maintains his own lowered anxiety but possesses the ability and calm to assist others in doing the same so that they can continue to creatively problem solve and fulfill their responsibilities. Assisting others to become less reactive will increase productiveness and collaboration in your work teams.

Fear can also show up in other ways, like the fear of making a decision. This fear is another common issue that we see diverting leaders from their goals. Successful leaders have learned that firmly making decisions and failing is better than making no decision at all. There is no bravery in avoidance! In fact, the time it takes you to correct a bad decision far outweighs the time spent “drifting” if you are unable to make a decision.

Keep yourself moving forward. Identify your own fear and the fear in others and conquer them!

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