How to Get More Customers From Your Website Visits
How to Get More Customers From Your Website Visits

How to Get More Customers From Your Website Visits

If you build it, they will come.

Or so conventional wisdom goes when it comes to building and having a website.  But unfortunately, with over 1 billion websites online today, the trouble is getting the right people to know who you are and enticing them to visit your home on the world wide web so that you can potentially convert them into paying customers.

So how do you generate more targeted traffic to your website in order to reap the benefits of getting more customers from your website visits?  Creating educational content that your potential customers crave, then housing them on your website or blog is the cornerstone of any good Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing Marketing initiative. The following few content marketing basics can go a long way in attracting the appropriate prospects.

Understand What Your Audience Wants to Know

The best place to begin is your existing customer database. Research who your best clients and customers are, the one’s you’d like to replicate. What characteristics do they have in common? What defines them? What are or were their goals? Profiling your customers and prospects will vary depending on they type of business you are and industry so here are some further tips.

Content is KingB2B
Establish your ideal reader by reviewing:

  • Specific Industry
  • Specific Department
  • Size of the Company
  • Position/Role at the Company
  • Geographical Location
  • The Tools and/or Programs Utilized

Determine ideal demographic and psychographic characteristics such as:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Geographic area
  • Salary
  • Hobbies

The best way to reach the prospective audience you want is to know exactly what will make them happy and your existing clients are a great clue. Once you have a solid picture, it’s time to move on creating your content.

Consistently Create and Promote a Variety of Content

Content creation should begin with your target audience in mind. Knowing what information they find useful to their buying process should be your chief concern.  Clients and prospects should feel as though you are a reliable source of information on your industry and should be compelling enough to share. Be sure to utilize a variety of vehicles to deliver your content to keep your audience happy and engaged.  For example, use written blog posts, infographics, videos, slide presentations, podcasts, white papers, quizzes, interactive PDFs and more.

Content Creation and Content PromotionBe sure to create a content schedule so that you can consistently deliver high value to your prospects.  Your website or blog should be your content hub where you publish new information.  Whether you post new content once per week, daily or ever other week, be sure that your audience can consistently rely on hearing new information from you; it helps to build the trust factor.

Creating awesome content is only one part of the battle.  Promoting your content across the web is the other piece of the puzzle to draw in traffic.  Be sure the following activities are on our content promotion schedule.  Email your new pieces of content to your prospects and existing clients.  Share on all your social accounts and ask influencers to share with their followers. Consider using content discovery sites such as, and  You can also utilize paid promotional tools such as sponsored Tweets in Twitter, boosting your posts in Facebook or promote you content on LinkedIn.

Putting these pieces of your content marketing puzzle together should have you well on your way towards generating traffic that converts into customers.

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