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Halloween at Blytheco: Scary Good Fun!

Halloween at Blytheco: Scary Good Fun!

No other holiday fits Blytheco’s fun culture quite like Halloween.

It’s a great excuse to eat all the Reeces Peanut Butter Cups and candy corn you want.

You can also put the company dress code on pause for the day, wear a zany outfit and call it your costume.

(We’re looking at you, Dan! LOL!)

What’s better than  throwing fashion sense to the wind for a day?  Getting rewarded for it, of course!

Nothing says Halloween like a good, old-fashioned costume contest.  So our six offices were home to some interesting outfits for the day; even our remote team members got in on the fun!

There were Koalas, Witches, and Ninja Turtles, oh my!  And if you didn’t know quite what to say about some of the outfit, there was also a collection of Emoji’s you could chose from to express yourself.

(#BlythecoATL, we’re looking at you too!)

Take a look at all crazy costumes and the lucky winners and maybe you’ll get inspiration for next year’s costume!

Halloween 2016 @ Blytheco

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