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Healthcare Professionals and What they Think of Social Media

Healthcare Professionals and What they Think of Social Media

This week we’re looking at another industry sector’s response to the 2011 Social Business Benchmarking Survey – Healthcare/Medical.

Healthcare/Medical made up the second largest group of responders in our survey, trailing manufacturing (24% of responders) but just edging out Non-Profit, at 9%.

These responders are more likely than the general audience to say that mobility (accessing business applications from smart phones or web) is important to their business. 82% of healthcare responders say mobility is important compared to 74% of general responders. Healthcare providers have always been ahead of the curve in terms of being accessible outside the workplace – remember that doctors were among the first to carry “beepers” back in the day?

91% of healthcare responders say that reduction of paper generated in the workplace is one of the business issues they are looking to solve with technology over the next twenty-four months. Just 56% of the general responders named paper reduction as a priority. It makes sense that this may be a direct result of the push for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) that has accompanied HIPAA regulation and the Patient Care and Protection Act.

Though this is not necessarily a “social” data point, it is interesting to note that healthcare responders are much less likely to say that they have raised prices recently, with NO healthcare survey responders saying they have raised prices, compared with 42% of general business responders who say they have raised prices. Man healthcare providers may be limited by reimbursement guidelines (from insurers or Medicare/Medicaid) as to how much they can charge for their products or services.

Our healthcare Human Resources responders are much more likely to say their companies block access to social media website in the workplace – 67% block such access, compared to only 32% of general responders. Again, this emphasis on security is likely due to privacy concerns around patient medical information.

Healthcare HR staffers are hiring at a brisker pace than other businesses. ALL of the healthcare responders say they will be hiring more than 10 employees in the next 12-18 months. Less than one-third of general responders report that level of hiring. We have seen continued growth in the healthcare industry even in the face of our country’s recession, and our responders reinforce that message.

Are you a healthcare-related business, or do you do business with this industry? What is your take on our data?

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