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Hot Payroll Topics In 2017

Hot Payroll Topics In 2017

Some people might think that payroll is one department that would be simple to work in; you just have to pay people the same amount every month, right?

HR and Payroll professionals would probably have a good chuckle over that assumption.  It can be high-pressure role: paychecks must be correct every time.  Mistakes are costly.  From managing time records, properly calculating overtime, or juggling employees with different status or who live in different states, the excitement never ends.

payroll topicsWith ever changing laws and regulations that affect companies and employees, payroll can be a fast-paced profession when it comes to regulations and decision making. A normal day could be turned upside down when the Department of Labor (DOL) broadcasts a new interpretation of a 75- year-old law, or perhaps another entity passed a sick leave ordinance. This is information that HR and Payroll professionals must remain up-to-date on.

Recently, our friends at Ascentis hosted a webinar entitled “Hot Topics in Payroll which was presented by Vicki Lambert.

You can access the recording of the webinar to learn the seven hottest topics that are the most popular on the payroll boards for 2017.  Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • Salary level test- What is the most current news on the DOL’s proposed rule regarding the new dollar amounts for exempt employees
  • Economic realities test- The latest interpretation by the DOL on this 75-year-old law
  • Sick leave laws- Which cities and states have passed one and which is now prevented from doing so?
  • Mailing paychecks- When an employee is mailed a paycheck, at what point is he/she considered legally paid
  • Using Federal Income Tax (FIT) to pay for FICA on terminated employees
  • Deceased employee child support garnishment: Can you take child support out of deceased employees’ wages?
  • Accelerating W-2 deadlines and the states- What is the latest on the new IRS regulations

Click below to view this webinar on-demand:


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