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In-House Salesforce Consultant vs Contracting a Consultant: Which is Better?

In-House Salesforce Consultant vs Contracting a Consultant: Which is Better?

Ready? Set? You’ve launched Salesforce! Now what?!

It’s exciting to implement a new business tool like Salesforce, but your new system won’t run itself. Managing a CRM system requires continual training, developing customizations, implementing new applications, and maintaining your company processes.

Does that sound like a full-time job? That’s because it is and someone has to do it.

As you begin to work with the Salesforce cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, it is customary to entertain the idea of hiring a full-time Salesforce Administrator. But what works for one company may not work for another. There are certainly benefits to hiring an in-house Salesforce Administrator as well as benefits to contracting an independent Salesforce consultant or firm.

Weighing the Benefits

Having an in-house Salesforce Administrator ensures that your users will get the most out of their experience when Salesforce Consultantit comes to the database. Your full-time Administrator will be able to run reports, clean duplicate accounts, host internal trainings, and help with various aspects of the organization‘s usage of the system on a regular basis.

It could also be an economical option. It is important to keep in mind, however, that he or she is likely to be continually interrupted during their workday and in most cases, they may have more tasks on their plate than simply maintaining Salesforce. It’s much like asking your Uncle Bob to help you finish your basement. He will get the task done, but it may take more time and resources than you think.

Alternatively, contracting a certified Salesforce consultant entails medium cost with the highest value. It may cost a little more upfront in comparison, but you are more likely to experience ROI faster. With an outside consultant, you have options. You can determine which company you work with, which projects receive priority handling, and you will have a written commitment as to how many hours that project is going to take. You will be getting dedicated help on the projects that matter most to you.

3 Flavors of Salesforce Contractors

When exploring the contractor route, your first step to hiring a consultant is to evaluate the nature of the projects you need completed. There are three types of project categories which your consultant could fall under:

The Salesforce Solution Architect: Identifies technical needs and solutions for current problems, and provides a framework for the project(s) which they communicate back to the stakeholders.

The Salesforce Developer: Engineers the shape of the Salesforce database for the end user experience. They are heavily involved in the back-end coding process.

The Salesforce Administrator: Generates content for the company, trains departments, determines user dashboards, runs reports, cleans data, and other tasks that fall in line with daily usage of the software.

Managing Your Salesforce Projects

Once the scope of your projects has been determined, the search for the right consultant can begin. It’s a frequent misconception that hiring a consultant creates a leaner budget. While at times that is the case, it is also greatly dependent upon how many Salesforce projects you foresee encountering. By predetermining the scope of your projects, you’re able to better assess what needs to get done and in what order, and the priority level so that you can budget accordingly.

Outsoured ConsultantConsultants will also provide you with laser focus on projects. Their goal is to complete specific tasks, whereas an in-house Salesforce Administrator is continually inundated with “urgent” requests, while maintaining their daily Salesforce tasks.

Your Return on Investment

Hiring a full-time Salesforce Administrator can cost $65,000+ per year, considering the total compensation and benefits package you offer. In most companies, this person is likely to be tasked with also administering other programs, which can dilute their Salesforce focus. In contrast, hiring an outside consultant will increase focus, but will likely increase overhead fees involved in the total cost.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to Salesforce administration. Hiring a consultant versus a full-time Salesforce Administrator is largely dependent on the structure and needs of your organization. If you have a full-time Administrator, it may be time to see if you can supplement that position with a consultant who can provide support and offer a fresh perspective on processes

Blytheco offers a Rent An Admin program, where you are guaranteed a set number of consulting hours dedicated to administering, developing, and/ or maintaining your Salesforce platform. It’s the hassle-free way of bridging users and deploying customization that are tailored to your business needs. Rent your Admin today and let Blytheco become an extension of your team! Call us at 949-268-4371 for details.


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