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How are Companies Using bly:Mobile?

Here are a few creative ways our customers are using bly:Mobile. Sure, it’s a mobile app for Sage 100 ERP, but it’s much more to those companies using it for:

  • Delivery representatives who are entering invoicing information into Sales Order upon delivery to their customer, instead of faxing or emailing handwritten invoices into the office to be manually entered later.
  • Manufacturer’s reps who don’t need access to the whole system. bly:Mobile uses the same security protocols as Sage 100, so no need to set up specific permissions in a separate system.
  • Checking inventory from the field. bly:Mobile provides real-time visibility into your data.
  • Restocking customers from their sites.
  • A remote office that needs the system. No need for complex server setup – just use the bly:Mobile browser to get on reliably and easily.
  • Users with older computers that don’t meet compatibility requirements for traditional installs of Sage 100 current versions. Use bly:Mobile on any machine with a web browser.
  • Enabling customers to access their own account info. Customer self-service gives you the leg up on your competitors.
  • Employees who need to work away from the office or at home can use any web browser to stay productive.
  • Warehouse staff can use tablets for receiving or inventory updates and enjoy real-time, stateless connections to Sage 100.

Really, the possibilities are endless. Try the demo now.

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