How To Win An Award For Being An Awesome Place To Wor
How to Win An Award For Being an Awesome Place to Work

How to Win An Award For Being an Awesome Place to Work

Let’s face it: ever since grade school, winning an award feels pretty darn nice!

Not to mention the attention that goes along with it.

Fast forward to adulthood and careers and we still love the thrill of being recognized for our accomplishments.

Blytheco wins numerous industry awards each year.  Recently, we won another “Top Workplaces” award.  Our most recent honor was bestowed on us December 9, 2016.

We can’t lie: it feels like we’re the “cool kids” and everyone wants to come sit at our lunch table!

cool kidsOne of the biggest benefits of this type of recognition is that it helps us to attract the best talent.  Our HR team and hiring managers are often drawn into conversations about these accolades by candidates because it leaves such a strong impression in their minds.  Interestingly enough, this type of award can also positively affect our sales.  Prospects feel good about working with a company where the employees are happy to be there.

But we share this not to toot our own horn.  The fact is, we didn’t start out winning awards like this.  We weren’t born cool. It took time and intentional effort to evolve into the current company culture we have today.

That means if your HR department has ever wanted to win a similar type of award, but didn’t think you could, we are living proof it can be done.  To help guide you on the path, here are a few steps Blytheco took to be named a 2016 Top Workplace and a 2015 Best Places to Work.

#1 – Know How Your Employees Truly Feel About Your Company

Company leadership will always have a different perspective of what is going on with employees than the employees themselves will have.  The best way to know how they are truly feeling is with advanced (and anonymous) surveying tech.

One we have used for the past several years and highly recommend is Custom Insight. Cloud-based and easy to use, Custom Insight goes beyond a simple employee satisfaction survey.  The questions were written by psychologists and you are given tools to identify, understand and fix employee engagement problems through actionable results.


#2 – Make Changes That Matter Based on the Data

Winning Top Workplace AwardsChange is never easy but in order to be a company that people want to work for, your team must feel as though leadership hears their concerns and will take appropriate action.  To transform how our team perceived our company, Blytheco underwent leadership and procedural changes.  As we started to grow, staffing changes occurred organically.

We have been conscious about being more transparent in communication.  We instituted a company-wide professional development and leadership track programs to promote internal career advancement. We bring our whole team (six offices and remote employees) together once a year for a conference near our corporate headquarters in Orange County, California.  Spending a few days together learning, getting aligned around common goals, and having some fun helps us build genuine bonds with each other.  We continue to listen to our team by completing our engagement survey annually. We are constantly evolving as a result.

#3 – Just Do It: Apply For That Award!

Whether or not you feel as though you’ve achieved “cool kids” status or not, try applying for a “Best Workplaces” type award.  A good idea is to look for one in your metropolitan region or state if you are a smaller company.  A quick Google search can yield a variety of results.  Pick one and go through the process.  It usually involves an in-depth survey of your employees.

Win or lose, our suggestion is that you don’t just do it for the award; do it for who your company will become in the process.  You will gain a lot of insight into your team, learn where your areas of strengths are and where you can stand to make improvements.  As you grow and your organization changes for the better, it will become very apparent and will be reflected in your survey results year over year.  And soon enough, other people on the outside will start recognizing it too!


Written with contributions from Kendra Apodaca, Director of Talent Management and Nathan Triplett, HRMS Practice Leader.

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