How To Evaluate an HR Management Software System
How to Evaluate an HR Management Software System

How to Evaluate an HR Management Software System

Last week, we shared how you can prepare to implement an HR management software system.  Without a doubt, an HR software can solve for the nine common challenges caused by paper-based management and more, but figuring out which solution best meets your company’s unique needs can be a challenge in itself. Before you start shopping for software, it is imperative that your leadership seriously considers the following high-level questions:

  • What are your key business challenges today, specifically surrounding the management of your employee data? How do you anticipate this will change or evolve in the next three to five years?
  • What is your projected growth in the next three to five years?HR management Software
  • Do you have a technology preference (cloud vs. on-premise)?
  • What items have shown up on employee surveys, performance reviews, or engagement surveys that can be addressed with an HR system?
  • Have you engaged different departments within your organization to understand their employee data-related needs and challenges
  • Have you prioritized your needs and requirements?
  • What other systems (ERP, Fixed Assets, Time and Attendance, etc.) do you currently have that will require integration with your HR data?
  • System implementations will require time for your team to successfully complete. Who will be involved in this implementation? Is there a particular time of the year when your team can best handle this additional workload?
  • What is the general process that you will need to go through to identify, evaluate, and gain approval for an HR management system purchase?

There are many other self-evaluating questions to ask, but these can start you down the path of thinking about your company’s need for HR software as a whole (and not just focusing on one department’s wish list). In general, we recommend asking the big questions first to ensure alignment with overall company goals, then drilling down to the specific needs of the HR department. Additionally, when you start the project with a high-level picture of your goals, it helps the vendors supporting you make the best use of your team’s time. If you would like assistance evaluating HR systems, email us at or call us at 949-583-9500.





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