HR Process Improvements: Preparing for the Future
HR Process Improvements: Tackling Today’s Problems & Prepping For the Future

HR Process Improvements: Tackling Today’s Problems & Prepping For the Future

HR Professionals don’t have easy jobs. With the various personalities they must interact with, plus all the compliance activities they must stay on top of, time is something they really can’t afford to waste. So when the HR software they need to help them protect the company’s most valued investment can’t be relied on, that’s a huge problem. It’s a set up for monumental time drains and frustrating work-arounds piled on top of already packed days.

This is exactly where Blytheco client Western States Lodging and Management found themselves when they first came to us. But read on to learn how Blytheco has been able to solve their immediate challenges to put much needed time back into their day, and how we’ve help them prepare for the future.


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Western States Lodging and Management is a real estate development and management firm specializing in the hospitality industry. They’ve expanded their services to provide senior home health care.


Sage 100 ERP, Sage HRMS, TimeStar


Nathan Triplett, Susan Jimenez, and Kristina Norgaard


Western States Lodging and Management were experiencing a variety of challenges with their HR system. For one, their payroll data was not exporting properly with the General Ledger in their ERP. They also had trouble with the configuration of their third party time and attendance software. They had created time-consuming manual work-arounds, which included extra reports being run.

HR Process ImprovementWith several interconnected parts, updating any one part of their system was always a painful endeavor. Invariably, some components would stop working, slowing down their workflow. Overall, they also knew they were not using all aspects of their system (for example, the HR Actions module) to its fullest.

With all these challenges, Western States Lodging and Management knew they had to find permanent solutions. They are anticipating significant growth in the next few years; they need their technology infrastructure to work dependably and to be able to maximize every feature available to them.


Nathan Triplett, Blytheco’s HRMS Practice Leader, shared that previously, the client was working directly with the software publishers and was having trouble getting the results they were seeking. “Since switching to Blytheco as a business partner, I think the greatest impact we’ve had on their business is being an advocate for them,” Nathan shared. “We’ve provided an outlet for them to get quick assistance by leveraging our relationships and helping them to fully understand their challenges and communicating with all parties involved to get their system working the way they want it to.”

“Blytheco works as my advocate with our vendors. They think outside the box when the vendors are reluctant to. Blytheco wants us to succeed and that shows through my interaction with their team.”

Blytheco started by conducting an onsite review of their system and provided documentation of the findings. All the system challenges were laid out and a prioritized roadmap for solving each issue was created. Although some work is still ongoing, Blytheco has been able to complete smaller projects which have improved the system’s speed and brought immediate turnarounds (for the better) in workflow.

Not only has Blytheco assisted with immediate needs, but planning for Western States Lodging and Management’s future is also vital. Currently, Western States has about 1,500 employees but they expect to double in two years. The consulting team has been working to help them revamp their on-boarding process, recruiting and putting the right processes in place that will allow them to scale their growth without sacrificing a quality experience for both new candidates and the HR team.


We asked key team member Alli Wasserman to comment on her Blytheco experience and here’s what she had to say solutionswhen we asked four key questions.

What was the last major project that Blytheco assisted you with?

“Since the beginning of our relationship, Blytheco has recommended several improvements to prepare us as our company grows. The project that I am most excited about is automating employee profile fields through Delphia in order to limit manual processes.

We had no idea these options were available. This will save our company endless hours of manual entry.”

Describe your satisfaction level with Blytheco’s work.

“Blytheco has deep knowledge of the products and vendors we use. Some of their employees worked for these vendors in the past. This knowledge and relationship is priceless for us. My only regret is that we didn’t partner with Blytheco in the beginning of our payroll conversion!”

What do you like most about working with Blytheco?

“Blytheco works as my advocate with our vendors. They think outside the box when the vendors are reluctant to. Blytheco wants us to succeed and that shows through my interaction with their team.”

What do you like most about working with your Blytheco representatives?

“I feel extra special because I work with several amazing professionals at Blytheco. Kristina Norgaard reaches out and reminds me that she is there to help. She is not afraid of anything that I send her way. And I cannot say enough positive things about Nathan! He is so professional and dedicated to our success. He has proven himself continuously, earning our trust. The relationships he built with our vendors allow him to get resolutions that we can’t get on our own. With Blytheco’s team of genuine professionals in our corner, our future is bright!”


Does your company need a review of your HR processes and software system optimization?  Contact Blytheco to consider your options.  You can also email us at or give us a call at 949-583-9500.




Article reprinted from the Spring 2017 issue of Bellwether.

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