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Hugging it out at HUGS: A Recap of Hubspot’s User Group Summit

Hugging it out at HUGS: A Recap of Hubspot’s User Group Summit

Last week, a few lucky BlyPeeps attended HUG – the Hubspot User Group Summit – in Boston, MA. Wow, what an energetic and smart bunch of people those Hubspotters are. They packed a LOT of information into one too-fast day. Here’s a recap:

It’s all about ToFu and MoFu. No, this is not a new vegan restaurant. ToFu is the top of the prospect funnel – Hubspot’s original sweet spot, where you draw in leads with your compelling content. MoFu is the middle of the funnel, where you start to segment the leads and treat them differently based on their behavior or demographics. MoFu is where it’s at – Hubspot has acquired Performable to help them get all the MoFu capabilities we’ll need in a new marketing world, where every prospect will have a different [user] experience. Whoa.

My first break-out session was led by Rick Burnes, whose New York Times experience gives him tons of cred in my book. He taught us how to create a content-creation machine with our blog, telling us to:

  1. Start with a bang. Introduce your blog with major publicity.
  2. Try a lot of different things – text, video, cartoons, links, slideshare. Mix it up to keep things interesting.
  3. Let the market decide what is working. Use the data you get from your CMS (ahem, Hubspot) to analyze what gets the biggest audience and do more of that.
  4. Crank out volume. More content = more traffic.
  5. Have a big idea like “inbound marketing.”

The “Call-to-Action and Landing Page Bootcamp” session was a great refresher on these important components of your marketing mix. A good call-to-action should say three things:

  • What is the offer?
  • How do visitors get it?
  • What is the immediate value of the offer?

The call-to-action should:

  • Be clear and concise
  • Be action-oriented (“download this whitepaper”)
  • Be above the fold, or near the top of the page
  • Pop off the page visually with varied font sizes and colors
  • Create urgency

This is just skimming the surface of all I brought back with me from HUG, but maybe it’s helpful to you. We’ll be implementing some new strategies here at Blytheco for sure.

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