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Important 2020 Payroll Updates for Sage 100cloud

Important 2020 Payroll Updates for Sage 100cloud

At Blytheco, we are committed to keeping you informed about important product announcements, process improvements, and changes that could affect your business. As we approach the end of 2019, it is important to stay on top of critical system updates. Here are a few important year-end announcements for Sage 100cloud Payroll:

  • In order to be compliant with the new IRS W-4 standards in 2020, you must install Payroll 2.20 and update filing statuses within Sage 100.
  • The Payroll 2.20 install is only available for any Sage 100 customers on versions 2018 or 2019. For prior versions, an upgrade is recommended.
  • Payroll 2.20 may prevent renumbering an employee from one department to another with the error notification, “this employee number already exists in department X.” This is still an open issue and will be resolved soon.
  • Hotfixes: Following the release and install of Payroll 2.20, there are two additional hotfixes that will need to be installed as well:
    • R6017T: This fix addresses an issue where Social Security wages and taxes are not calculating for new tax profiles.
    • PR6016T: This fix addresses a Tax Calculation issue with the New Jersey Employee Disability Capped Wages.

Important W-4 Programming Changes: In compliance with the updated IRS Federal Income Tax Withholding Methods 15-T for 2020, filing statuses will need to updated in Sage 100. To ensure compliance, add the new filing statuses listed below for all employees submitting a new W-4 in 2020. Previous filing statuses of Single and Married can still be used for individuals not required to submit a new W-4 for 2020. Please note, witholdings will not calculate correctly until Payroll 2.20 is installed.

For assistance with a product install, product upgrade, or general support, call 949.583.9500.

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