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Increasing sales to existing customers starts by asking them!

They days of point-and-shoot marketing are over, as are the days when one sales approach could work for all of your company’s clients. Today’s customer is sophisticated and technically savvy. Their customer experiences with heavy hitters like Amazon and Zappos have taught them to demand information that is customized to their needs and delivered in their format of choice.

The answers on an ongoing LinkedIn discussion on the topic of selling to existing customers all boil down to one message: understand your customers. Do this by:

  • Segmenting your database in a way that makes sense for your business. Whether that’s by product line, company size, industry, geography, breaking down the numbers will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and start to provide a more custom experience for each customer interaction.
  • Survey your customers. Ask them what their needs are, and how they want to receive information from you. Then act on their feedback.
  • Work with your sales team. Give them the training and tools they need to discover and define customer needs, and the products they need to meet those needs. Test different approaches to see what works. Close the loop by evaluating initiatives and improving on what you have learned.

Businesses of all sizes can implement these simple steps to increase customer sales. What is your company doing?

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