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Infor Contour: Mapping Out Your Work

Infor Contour: Mapping Out Your Work

Meet Contour!

Infor CRM has launched their latest version, Infor CRM 8.3.04 and with it, came the introduction of Contour helping you work on the go and geo-target particular accounts/clients.


contourlistSo what does that mean to you?

Not only have they resolved issues by fixing reported bugs, but they have added in Contour. Contour is a new feature that allows you to see your customers on a map in CRM in real-time! Using Bing or Google, users are able to view one or more contact or account on an interactive map.

How does it work?

Contour works by using Google or Bing’s developer API to geo-tag the address from your contact records located within your Infor CRM.

How long does it take to set up?
In total, it should take about 20 minutes to set up. However, if customizations are involved within the CRM we highly recommend you seek the advice of an Infor Expert. As with any features, problems could arrive if set-up is not done correctly.

Where can I find Contour?

Once Contour is installed within your Infor CRM platform, you’ll be able to locate this feature within the “Show On Map” under the Tools menu.

How do I use Contour?

  • Select one or more records from the Infor CRM list view
  • Click on “Show on Map”
  • A new tab will open up displaying all CRM records as well as a map
  • Select which record(s) you would like to see

What else can Contour do?

  • contourmapDistance Search: Allow user to search from a specific starting point
  • Accounts/Contacts Nearby: Uses a specific account of contact as a starting point and finds “other” accounts/contacts in the area
  • Places: Named geocoded addresses using the account and contact distance search function
  • Show on Map: Displays accounts/contacts selected on map
  • Get Directions: Ability to select to show a detailed route of the account/contacts that have been selected
  • Waypoints: Temporary locations that a user can add to their route that are not saved within the database
  • Contour Infor CRM Mobile: Accounts nearby supported in the mobile
    application based on GPS settings
  • Account Grouping: Create a group based on listed records


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