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“Contour” Your CRM Story with Infor Contour Stories

“Contour” Your CRM Story with Infor Contour Stories

Infor has released their latest update, Contour Stories!

Infor has stepped up their game when it comes to features and functionality in it’s CRM. With the latest update, Infor Contour Stories, you can now easily perform searches and plan your course of action with greater ease.

Let’s say you are planning to visit a customer in a particular location and you want to maximize your time by visiting other customers and prospects in the area.  With Infor Contour Stories, you can now perform a distance search for an account or contact starting from a specific location. This means that within a 500-mile radius, you will have the ability to create a group on the map display within Contour.

Not only will you be able to click on a specific account and determining the respective distance, but you will also be able to select and group multiple accounts/clients that you’d like to visit nearby. By doing so, the map outline all the account/client destinations you had selected. This feature will allow you to populate a route based on he items that you have selected.

What’s Next for Infor Contour

With these new great functions on deck, don’t think that Infor CRM is slowing down its innovative pace.  Here’s a Infor Mobliesneak peak at what is anticipated for updates in the near future:

  • For web-based clients, Infor is adding Contour Search functionality for not only clients but also leads.
    • Contour will geo-code all address types.
    • Contour will give you controls to select which address to use as a starting point.
    • Contour will provide the option to generate a report of all failed geo-coded addresses, for you to resolve the failed addresses.
  • For mobile browser clients, Infor is adding search functionality for leads.
    • Contour will let you search for contacts.
    • Contour will let you search for leads.
    • Contour will give you the ability to export the driving directions to Bing.
    • Contour will allow each user to edit the maximum number of miles for the contour search rather than the set 500 mile limit.

Ready to get those appointments booked on the go?

Learn more about Infor CRM here.  Or, get started with Infor Contour today by clicking here or calling 949.583.9500 x 2500

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