Infor CRM v8.3 Video Demo - See the Top Features in a Jiffy!
Infor CRM v8.3 Video Demo – See the Top Features in a Jiffy!

Infor CRM v8.3 Video Demo – See the Top Features in a Jiffy!

Curious about what makes Infor CRM v8.3 different?

As you know, Saleslogix is now Infor CRM!  A major update was released in early 2016 that has been all the buzz!  Do you have Saleslogix/Infor but you’ve been on the fence about upgrading?  Do you have another CRM software and are considering switching to Infor CRM?

You’re in luck! Our expert Scotty Chapman has broken down the new features and functionality of Infor CRM v8.3 into short bite-sized clips. Now you can uncover the details you want to see, when you want to see them.

Take a peek for yourself: 

Click the image or click on this link to access the entire list of Infor CRM v8.3 features including:

    •  XBAR for Outlook: Now your can work from within your inbox instead of toggling between.
    •  Mobility: Don’t be chained to your desk, when you can work on the go.
    •  Speed & Performance: 85% of page views load in half the amount of time that they did in version 8.1.
    • Functionality: Work with ease. Infor CRM 8.3 streamlines the features you’ve requested.
    • And More!



inforcrm-scotty-headshot-circleScotty Chapman, Senior Saleslogix & Infor Expert Engineer
Scotty Chapman  has consulted with hundreds of businesses during his experience in software. He has helped with businesses in many industries, including manufacturing, distribution, retail and more, to find the right software for each organization. He is considered throughout the industry as an expert on Infor.
Thinking of switching to Infor CRM v8.3? Have more questions?Let Blytheco help you get the right CRM for your needs. Call 949.583.9500 today or email and we’ll set up a consultation!


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