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Inspiring Leadership, blyDea #27

Last week the Blytheco management team met for a week of planning with our new COO Lori Seal. On Friday we had a visit from Ed Kless and he reminded us of the great video from Simon Sinek on how great leaders inspire action.

blyDea #27 – I encourage you, if you haven’t seen this video to give it a look – and if you have seen it, consider this a reminder to watch it again.

Simon Sinek talks about a principle that he has studied from a scientific standpoint regarding what makes certain products and companies (and leaders) different and successful. The common denominator is how those companies communicate their vision.

Vision, Mission and Core Values are important elements of a business – but for a leader they are the guide they can live by to translate what they feel in their heart to those around them. Communicating from a place of desire to do something different, as Sinek says, the “why” behind your reason for doing business – your communication changes the reaction in others.

We hope that as we work through our transition phase you will see many more things that are inspiring about Blytheco. Why? Because we love working with mid-market businesses and helping them turn their business dreams into productivity.

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