Increase Sales 25% This Year With An Integrated CRM
Increase Sales 25% This Year With An Integrated CRM

Increase Sales 25% This Year With An Integrated CRM

Is your New Years resolution to elevate your business performance?

You can begin to out-perform your competition with an integrated CRM that’s powered by your ERP.

The new year is a perfect time to brainstorm on new ways to grow your business.

With technology continually changing, it makes sense to implement automated processes within your business. This allows your team to work smarter and leverage the information they already have, ultimately accelerating your business.integrated-crm-wheel

By using an integrated CRM, small and medium businesses become equipped with the competitive advantage in the marketplace. The team is able to view customer activities across the business to gain better insight and increase productivity across the board. You can then transform your company from sales, finance, marketing, and customer service, from the inside of your business.

You’ll See Changes in:

Customer Service: See the entire customer lifecycle, providing your team with the tools they need to improve the sales process.

Marketing: By integrating a CRM system, you’ll be able to tailor marketing campaigns based on the customer information that you already have. Not only does this help your team, but your customers will be less likely to opt-out of communication since you are providing them with the information they care to learn about versus all the information that you are sending out.

Productivity: An integrated CRM system empowers your business with the knowledge of what each person is tackling. This can help prevent duplicated efforts while encouraging your team to tackle specific to-do lists.

Pace: Automating workflow seamlessly connects different departments together while improving that the process runs smoothly.

Visibility: With real-time customer information, your company will know exactly where the company stands. Having an integrated system will allow you to see sales patterns and opportunities for cross-selling.

Product Management: By having better insights to reliable customer data, you’re able to target appropriate customers for new products and services.


“Over the past four years our revenues have grown by over 60% and we would not have been able to do that without Sage”

– Karen Zfaty, Director of Marketing Information Systems for PARS


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